IDEA Solutions Suite

IDEA Solutions software

First, IDEA-Solutions works to analyze, improve, design, and implement existing information systems used by the government, e.g. information systems masters plan, financial information systems, project management systems. Second, IDEA-Solutions provides business intelligence tools to complement the transactional systems: A4R®, B4R®, P4R®, and M4R®.

Assessing for results

Guides a structured, rapid and participatory diagnostic of the current status of RBM implementation for benchmarking, comparison with similar entities, and assessment of progress over time (Version A).

Facilitates the evaluation of program and projects (Version B).

Facilitates the identification and prioritization of bottleneck.

Facilitates the elaboration of an action plan and annual work plan for further RBM implementation.

Budgeting for results

Clarifies the main steps of the budgeting process in articulation with strategic and operational planning.

Guides the rapid and participatory formulation of the different steps of a medium term budgetary (or fiscal) framework.

Guides the rapid and participatory formulation of the different steps of a sectoral medium-term expenditure framework and multiannual program-budgets.

Assists in the development of matrices of unit costs of public goods and services.

Projects for results

Conducts an ex-ante evaluation of project ideas and helps formulate project documents.

Evaluates formulated projects according to a multi-criteria evaluation grid.

Selects projects to be included in the Public Investment Program.

Facilitates to manage any project in different phases of the Public Investment Management (PIM) cycle.

Includes a Geographic Information System (GIS) module to help position Investment Projects.

Monitoring For Results

Facilitates the yearly monitoring of the main result and strategic indicators.

Monitors the implementation of the annual work plan and budget (AWPB) and of programs/projects.

Facilitates the articulated monitoring of budget execution, project implementation, and results indicators.

Produces easy-to-interpret dashboards and charts.

Automatically generates a preliminary version of progress and performance reports